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Join the Dots to target cyber creeps

5th Mar 2015

Young people should be able to use the internet without having to worry about the ‘creepers’ who troll through their space. 
Bravehearts wanted to provide a mechanism that empowered them to use their knowledge and skills to identify and report predatory behaviour and ultimately lead to the prosecution of offenders and protection of younger internet users.
Bravehearts leveraged International Safer Internet Day on February 10 to launch Join the Dots, a tool developed in consultation with Task Force Argos, the Queensland Police Service specialist online child exploitation team that allows young people to anonymously report information on cyber predators.
Join the Dots will not only empower young people by giving them the confidence and tools to protect their cyber space from predators, but also create a safer online environment for their peers, younger siblings and the next generation. By taking a lead on this they become the guardians of their domain. Visit our Join the Dots page.