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Safer Internet Day: Bravehearts pilots cyber safety initiative

11th Feb 2014

Today is Safer Internet Day and Bravehearts is playing a key role by educating Australian children after teaming up with Google to develop the breakthrough online safety program CyberEcho.
The tech-savvy safety initiative is being piloted in five state primary schools in Queensland with feedback to be collated from parents, students and teachers at the end of term one.
Tailored to suit students aged from 9-11 (Grades 5 and 6), CyberEcho aims to provide children and parents with key strategies to keep them safe in the cyber world – equipping them with skills and knowledge to be used across a variety of applications and devices.
Anchored by the slogan ‘what you share, will always be there’, the program highlights the pitfalls of sharing personal information online and encourages children to think smarter about the kind of content they share.
“Cyber safety is an ever evolving issue that is difficult to stay ahead of and Bravehearts is changing the way kids think by bridging the gap between parents and their children with an innovative resource,” says Bravehearts Education Manager Sharon Stewart.
Bravehearts expertise has long been sought in the area of online safety with representatives sitting on the Federal Government’s Consultative Working Group on Cyber Safety.
In 2012, Bravehearts also published position statements used by a wide range of media and research faculties, includingPosting Images on Social Networking Sites: Trends and Risks; Young People and Sexting;  and Safety and Internet Dating Sites.
Last year Bravehearts Founder Hetty Johnston and Research and Policy Development Manager Carol Ronken were invited by cyber safety partner Google to attend the 25th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference in the US where they shared research and information.
“Thanks to our corporate partner Google, we can develop working relationships to strengthen our approaches and be at the forefront of cyber education,” says Ms Johnston.
Today Safer Internet Day celebrates its 11th anniversary and is being held in more than 90 countries across Europe, North America, South America and the Asia-Pacific region.