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Bravehearts committed to protecting children online

18th Feb 2015

NATIONAL child protection advocate Bravehearts has backed the implementation of a data retention scheme that supports the investigation of child exploitation and other serious offences against children.

There are a number of ways in which people may exploit children online. Advances in technologies continue to provide increased opportunities for child sex offenders including accessing child exploitation material, networking and grooming victims.
As an organisation focussed on lobbying for policies and legislation in relation to child sexual assault, Bravehearts supports evidence-based legislative and policy responses to issues impacting the safety and protection of young people.
By actively supporting the work of our sector partners, Bravehearts collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders, including Australian Federal Police and the Federal Government’s Cyber-Safety Consultative Working Group which includes Google and Facebook.
To address threats to children there needs to be a concerted, collaborative and holistic approach from child protection organisations, federal and state governments, relevant authorities and regulatory agencies.
The formulation of the legislation should be done with consideration of community and ISP concerns and legislation should be based on reviews of current approaches and an understanding of the complexity of introducing domestic laws in an international context.
The ultimate aim must be to ensure the safety and protection of children in the cyber environment.
See Bravehearts position statement on data retention
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