How to Use CyberEcho

CyberEcho is Bravehearts’ education resource for upper primary students that focuses on staying safe online. It is available on an eLearning platform with a management system or as a Workbook.

Your Circle of Friends eLearning

The eLearning system is best run on the Google Chrome browser which can be downloaded and installed for free. The eLearning platform currently includes the first module of study called 'Circle of Friends’ and provides up to 35 individual student accounts. It also contains a teacher dashboard with the ability to track student progress, check assessment results, print out course slides and issue certificates of completion.

The eLearning resource has a blended learning style that includes audio presentation, film clips, posters, formative and summative assessment, interactive activities and a reflective journal that works as an offline activity which students are directed to throughout the eLearning program.

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Your Circle of Friends Workbook

This is a teacher's workbook that includes lesson plans, support notes,  assessment, reference posters and student printable worksheets. All the content has been aligned to the Australian National Curriculum and provides cyber safety reporting details and support contacts.

‘Your Circle of Friends' workbook explores and identifies different types of relationships, networks of online contacts, personal boundaries, the details and contents of personal information and safe sharing tips.

Students learn to carefully consider when and where they share personal information online and how to identify different types of relationships.

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CyberEcho Poster Packs

Additional full-colour A3 poster packs can also be purchased to communicate key messages to a broader audience such as parents or carers and also helps to reinforce and remind students of the key points to consider.

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