Your Circle of Friends e-Learning

This module is purchased per class and learning is managed by the class teacher online. This allows the class teacher to track student progress, check assessment results, print out course pages and issue the certificates of completion.

The system provides a maximum of 35 individual student accounts so each student can work at their own pace through the module. The online platform adopts a blended learning style that includes audio presentations, film clips, posters, online assessment, interactive activities and a reflective journal. The journal is a large part of the online resource provided as a printable pdf and must be used 'offline' as a student workbook and referred to throughout the course. The journal can also be used for assessment purposes, facilitate discussion, relate to real life experiences and reflect on the learning outcomes.

'Your Circle of Friends' explores and identifies different types of relationships, networks of online contacts, personal boundaries and social cues, the details and contents of personal information and safe sharing tips.

Students learn the importance of thinking before they share personal information online, how to identify different types of relationships and how to protect themselves and their personal information online.