Most of us carry powerful technology around in our pockets, connecting us to the world in ways that are both positive and negative.

CyberEcho aims to educate young people around the positive and exciting potential of the online world, as well as the dangers of cyber communication, and to provide them with the skills and strategies to help them LEARN, INTERACT and COMMUNICATE safely while on-line.

Incorporating lessons both offline and online allows for teacher facilitated, interactive activities and assessment that is individually managed by the schools and teachers.

New Courses

Content includes positive online interaction by addressing online relationships verses face-to-face relationships, social networking, online grooming, protecting personal information, privacy settings, reporting, communicating positively online and creating a positive digital footprint.

“What you share will always be there” underpins the program and each lesson teaches children key safety strategies.


Purchase your copy of the teacher workbook along with a range of full colour poster packs through our eShop.The teacher workbook includes lesson plans, assessment, student printable worksheets, reference posters, curriculum alignment and contacts for cyber safety reporting.

A range of full-colour A3 poster packs can also be purchased to communicate the key messages and act as a visual reminder for students.Click onto our product titles to find out more or to place your order.

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